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February 01, 2011


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bicicletas elipticas

Wow! Great idea to keep cyclists safe! Hope to see more of that in other countries.

Denali Road Bike

Those helmet cameras are a good idea. A friend was nearly killed recently by a speeding truck while cycling on a back-road on her bike one afternoon. The truck driver barely got over and blasted his horn as he sped past her. It caused her to lose balance and fall off her bike. The driver of the truck didn't even stop. A helmet camera might have been useful for her at that time.


There are eyes and cameras everywhere now - not all a bad thing, if you are not in the wrong should be nothing to worry about, if your making life awkward for others then time to watch out. Paul from West Bridgford


it's a good thing that atleast something is being done to minimize untoward incidents being caused by some inconsiderate drivers.

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